What we can do for you - our additional services

Pre-Audit Work

Branch and Lee also offer a full Pre-Audit service where we significantly reduce the amount of time the external auditor requires in his or her ‘checking’. Branch and Lee concentrate on any cells that can have a negative effect on subsidy and that have proved problematic in the past. By rigorous checking we can eliminate problems before the external auditor locates them and applies unwarranted extrapolation percentages to any given cell. This service is becoming more popular as we can ultimately save on audit costs and the time taken to have the external auditor complete his / her audit.

System Conversion Issues

If your Authority is undergoing a Housing Benefit Processing System change we can help. As experts in all the main systems, the strengths and weaknesses of each, we know exactly what problems any conversions will attract. These problems can be really time consuming and thus a big cost to the Authority. Let us show you the best and most efficient way to change from one system to another and tell you the things that your new provider will perhaps not mention.

New Procedures and Streamlining

Branch and Lee Consulting Ltd have identified many areas in Housing Benefit administration that have a direct affect on Subsidy that few processing staff fully understand; whilst the customer may receive his or her correct entitlement, and at the correct time, Subsidy is being incorrectly allocated to the wrong cells. Furthermore, certain administration procedures are simply not the best way to go about the job. This equates to unnecessary delays, further LA error overpayments and poor working practices. Let us help streamline your administration and help you provide a better, more efficient service.