It’s never too early to maximise your subsidy

It seems that every month the Benefit Administration has something else to contend with. If it’s not Council Tax notifications it’s claim deadlines and if it’s not deadlines it’s external audit. That’s why Branch and Lee believe that it’s often best to maximise subsidy during the quietest months. Don’t miss out on unclaimed subsidy just because you’re too busy with other things.


It is a common misconception that maximising subsidy should really only be undertaken just before the external audit is due for signing off. In reality it is equally feasible to make sure that you are claiming every penny possible from January onwards.

Too many Local Authorities are simply too busy with other things from March right through until November to tackle maximising their subsidy. If it’s not the Council Tax notifications it’s the deadline date for the final claim submission, and if it’s not that it’s the external audit or the annual up-ratings. Having Branch and Lee come in during these busy months can just add to the list of things to worry about. However, January and February is a relatively quiet period in comparison and that’s why it’s an ideal time to have us look at your claim and to maximise your subsidy.

But what about the three months or so from January until the end of the financial year I hear you ask. Well, the work that we do shows you where subsidy is going under claimed and what to do to stop that happening again. So once we have done that, no further mistakes should occur. It’s as simple as that.

Furthermore, identifying problems within the subsidy year means that claims can be amended using the Benefit Processing System. Amending claims after the subsidy year takes considerably longer as the amendments need to be worked out and altered manually. This can be complicated and time consuming. Amendments done during the subsidy year can be calculated by the system itself. Less time to do the job means less cost to the Authority – Another good reason to maximise your HB subsidy sooner than later.

Maximising your subsidy from January onwards creates the least disturbance to you, it’s cheaper AND, considering that this takes us no more than two weeks, it’s the perfect time to make sure that your Authority is claiming every penny possible.

Remember the Branch and Lee promises. If we don’t SAVE you don’t PAY and that ALL our work is SELF-FINANCING. In other words, all the work we do pays for itself and if that’s not the case we don’t charge you a penny.

It’s the Branch and Lee Guarantee.