Every Authority knows that huge amounts of subsidy goes unclaimed in LA error Overpayment cells every year.

This does not have to be the case.

During the recent recession your Local Authorities may have had a Caseload increase of up to 15%. That is a huge amount of extra work for Local Government and as such results in higher LA error values whilst the subsidy thresholds remain virtually unchanged.

Branch and Lee have an in-depth understanding of LA error, from system glitches to common misunderstandings of the ever changing rules and regulations.

That is why we guarantee that if your Local Authority is currently not expecting to qualify for any LA error subsidy, we will secure you in to the 40% bracket. Likewise, if your Authority is only expecting to receive 40% LA error subsidy we guarantee that we can secure you in to the 100% bracket. And what’s more, if we can’t do it we walk away without any charge.

Furthermore, should we not be able to do what we say, consider it a free health check to show to the external audit should they want assurances that everything possible has been done to lower your LA error values. In other words, it’s a win – win situation.

Before you simply accept that this year you won’t be claiming 100% LA error subsidy, talk to us. It’s free and there is no obligation. You may well find that we not only put you under the threshold but we also maximise your subsidy in other areas.

Remember the Branch and Lee promises. If we don’t SAVE you don’t PAY and that ALL our work is SELF-FINANCING. In other words, all the work we do pays for itself and if that’s not the case we don’t charge you a penny.

Our Promise.